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Thanks for stopping by to visit! We hope that this web site will be very useful to you. The Williamsburg Music program is located in Williamsburg, Ohio and are a vital part of the Williamsburg Local School District. The primary goal of the Music Department is to provide students with an experience in music that is both enjoyable and educational.

In addition to the musical aspects, all students are taught a number of non-musical skills that have importance in lifelong learning. Students share their talents with audiences as they travel to football games, parades, concerts, and contests. Students learn responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, time-management, stage presence, and leadership skills.

The Williamsburg Music Boosters has a significant role in the success of the Music Department. Here is our mission: We exist to contribute financial support so that any student interested in learning and participating in Williamsburg Music Programs will have every opportunity to do so. We want them to experience the art of performing, teamwork, and the joy of what music brings to their lives.

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Williamsburg Music Department

Mr. Kevin Lockwood

Music Director - Band, Choir, Guitar

Music Teacher
Williamsburg Middle / High School 

E-Mail: Lockwood_k@burgschools.org

Phone: 513-724-2211 (x9347)

Mrs. Karen Greene

Director of Elementary Choir

Music Teacher
Williamsburg Elementary School 

E-Mail: greene_k@burgschools.org

Phone: 513-724-2211

Williamsburg Music Boosters

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Stephanie Bauer

Vice President

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Tamara Miller


Middle School Classes

All middle school music classes meet as specials classes. Students may opt to partake in two fine arts classes in 6th and 7th grade. Middle School music ensembles perform at least two performance at Williamsburg (December and May).

Beginning Band (6th / 7th Grade)

Students will begin their band experience at Williamsburg in Beginning Band. A majority of students will start in 6th grade with a few who missed the chance their first year, being able to join in 7th grade. As of current, students will select from flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and by director approval, percussion.


Concert Band (7th Grade)

Students continue their band training in the 7th Grade Concert Band. This class is for second year students where they begin to learn more advanced techniques on their instruments as well as more advanced music.


Middle School Choir (6th / 7th Grade)

Students who are interested in singing a variety of music elect to be a member of the Middle School Choir. The class began during the 2018-2019 school year and has grown from 20 members to over 50 members in just 2 school years.

High School Classes

Guitar Explorations

Students may elect to take Guitar Explorations during their high school career with any type of guitar experience (whether you have been playing for a few years or if you have never held an instrument). Students develop skills in basic guitar technique and caters to the individual student. Students eventually learn a song that they are interested in as a final project for the class.


Jazz Band

Students who are looking for a different perspective of band elect to be a member of Jazz Band. The ensemble focusses on different musical genres including blues, rock, latin, and many other jazz styles that student’s won’t be exposed to a lot in the standard concert setting. The ensemble is engaged with many community events and performs in at least 4 concerts at Williamsburg.


Concert Choir

Students wishing to continue their singing experience at Williamsburg join our Concert Choir. The ensemble performs a variety of music ranging from classical choral repertoire to modern musical and pop songs. Students will be challenged to push their comfort zones as the group performs in at least 4 concerts at Williamsburg as well as several community events throughout the year.


Symphonic Band

Once a student has successfully navigated Concert Band in 7th Grade, they are enrolled in the Grade 8-12 ensemble. This ensemble performs a wide variety of music ranging from medieval to modern works for winds and percussion. The ensemble performs in at least 4 concerts at Williamsburg and engages in several outside events including the OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Marching Band

Students who are enrolled in a curricular music ensemble or has had the equivalent experience of Concert Band are able to be involved with Marching Band. The marching band begins its season in late July/early August with a Band Camp held at the school. The marching band performs at all Home Varsity Football Games, select Away Football Games, several Mid-State Band Association sanctioned competitions, as well as several community parades and events throughout the year. In December of 2016, the marching band traveled to Jacksonville, Florida to perform in the Gator Bowl.


Color Guard / Winter Guard

Color Guard is available in the fall as a compliment to the Marching Band; Winter Guard is available during the winter season as an additional performance outlet for guard members. During the fall, the color guard rehearse choreography to visually enhance the marching band show. As if actors on stage in theater, the color guard wear costumes/uniforms, makeup, and utilize props/equipment to help perform and tell a story. During the winter months, color guard perform shows without any band members. Through dance, movement, props, the team presents a show with artistic and creative intent.

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Phone Number to Music Department: 513-724-2211 extension 9347
Sarah Negley – Music Boosters President – President@williamsburgmusicboosters.com
Stephanie Bauer – Music Boosters VP – VicePresident@williamsburgmusicboosters.com
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